Maciej Dutko: Go and bargain! Zen of negotiations

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An extraordinary book
on ordinary negotiations!
You have been negotiating your entire life: in kindergarten, at school, at work, at home, while shopping, in business… Sometimes however bargaining is accompanied by disputes, claims or even harm to one of the parties involved. Unnecessarily.

Thanks to this book, you will learn how to negotiate in a smart and conscious way, so as instead of taking the advantage and winning at all cost reach the balance and profits for each of the parties.

Probably the first book
on negotiating intelligence! (not only for businessmen!)

There are tens of books on negotiations that have been written in Poland, and hundreds (or maybe thousands) that have been written worldwide. Is this one better? I don’t know. But it’s certainly different. Apart from classic (and less classic) negotiating techniques and fighting off unwanted bargains, it presents individual, sometimes funny, sometimes bloodcurdling adventures of the author who has always had an inclination towards negotiating and not taking things for granted.

How did these – not always well-thought-of and not always strategically played – negotiations end? Read this book and find out!

Oh, and one more thing: this book is not only about business negotiations, because we actually negotiate always and anywhere. The more you realize it and the more consciously you start doing it, the more efficient yet ethical your negotiations will be.


You will learn:

  • … why most people do not like (and are even afraid) to negotiate
  • what is holding you when you want to ask for a better offer
  • what aims you can reach knowing the basic rules of the game
  • what does a classic negotiating process look like
  • why not any negotiations are worth…winning
  • which techniques are the most efficient ones
  • what tips, tricks and strategies will make you an efficient negotiator
  • how to defend yourself against unethical tricks of the other party
  • what to do when negotiations end in failure
  • when it is worth passing up on bargaining and accepting the offer as it is
  • how to win in a smart, responsible, ethical and classy way
  • in what way you can learn about the motivation behind the other party, predict its behavior, anticipate its attack and avoid traps
  • why is it worth negotiating fair and in accordance with the win-win principle

[Easy to listen to. Many ways of negotiating and tips on how not to fall into the hands of trained telemarketers. Thanks to this book I managed to bargain 2k in 2 minutes. Admittedly, I labored over this, since this was the first time for me, but it was worth it!]

[A great book with excellent examples taken from the life of the author himself. It really works, and I had the opportunity to experience this myself a few times already. This audio book paid off in just 30 seconds J I can sincerely recommend it!]

[Having finished this audio book, I went to my bank and demanded that my account be managed for free for one year and that I get two free cards, and the bank agreed. However, Go and bargain is not for everyone, you have to be strongly motivated to trade and simply like it. Thanks Mr. Dutko.]


  • Table of Contents
    Why do you need another book on negotiations?
    There are many road signs
    Negotiations, Inc.
    Manipulation – a bridge too far
    Why do we negotiate?
    Negotiations – the best business in the world
    Ask and it will be given to you.
    A question worth 1200 zloty
    Who should negotiate?
    Different negotiating targets
    Why are you afraid to bargain?
    Negotiating is no conflict!
    What is holding you?
    Only the poor do not bargain
    The anatomy and physiology of negotiations – 57 principles worth their weight in platinum
    Preparing the ground
    Negotiating foreplay
    Main phase
    Striking a bargain
    A few tips at the end
    Other tips and tricks
    Negotiating aikido – how to defend yourself
    Ethics and negotiating savoir-vivre
    Dutko, how much did you negotiate?
    Wise men on negotiating and exerting influence
    Go on, leave!


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Tytuł Go and bargain! Zen of negotiations

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